Coverage of the Examination

  1.  Income Taxation
  2.  Estate and Donor’s Taxation
  3.  Value-Added Taxation and Other Percentage Taxes
  4.  Real Property Taxation
  5.  Recent tax statutes, jurisprudences and pertinent issuances such as Revenue Regulations (RR), Revenue Memorandum Circulars (RMC) and Revenue Memorandum Orders (RMO)

How will you be examined?

The examination shall be given in a three (3) hour written examination by the Philippine Association of Certified Tax Technicians (PACTT), Inc. through an Accredited Learning Provider (ALP) after a review (lectures, workshop and discussion) to be provided by the ALP.

Types of Examinations

PART 1 – Multiple Choice Theory and Computation

PART 2 – Tax Practice

Admission Requirements & Fees

For admission requirements and fees, please see the latest post from the CTT Facebook page.